These are exceptional times for reality television. Apart from this, the television shows are doing quite well. MTV helped with the success of many of these shows once it started being a multiplayer after gaining cult dimensions as a music channel. It created many great shows which have exceptional repeat value.

Most of these shows have been running for a long duration but have neither lost their grace nor their touch with the masses. For instance 鎻焗e Real world?is running since last 13 years. Sometimes we wish like seeing a particular episode of a reality show or else a given season of a sitcom. What do we do then? What is the answer to all such cravings? What if our heart is bent on viewing the awesome Mariah Carey episode on 鎻卹ibbs? Simple! We can watch TV shows online. There are many benefits of watching TV shows online.

By making a DVD collection, we can watch the TV shows online in accordance with love this website our free slots. Few television episodes have a greater repeat value. Few instances or scenes embedded in them may just be etched in our memories. Is it not great then, that we can just put in a certain DVD and get along with watching our favorite episodes?

We live share this site tough lives. It makes us suffer from severe time constraints. This is why we miss out on our favorite shows at time. The time-incompatibility frustrates us but we have few options to play with. The online video libraries help us to watch those particular episodes at our own sweet will. No more then, do we need to brood over missing our shows working overtime at office?

Various online libraries are giving away lifetime memberships for a one-time subscription of nearly $ 50. The download is of great quality and the libraries are completely authentic. This means that they work within the premise of law.

With each extra download, the cost per download minimizes effectively.

The 鎻檔e Tree Hill?show is completely within reviewing boundaries now so you won鎶?miss out on the antics of Dan castle clash cheats and Keith anymore. 鎻焗e Office?can be downloaded just as well which means the magic of Ricky Gervais can be replayed at will. Be it Gossip Girl鎶? Grey Anatomy, Scrubs or Cribbs, watch TV shows online and redeem their virtues time and again.

Similarly, we can watch TV shows on internet. Shows that are highlighted by visual effects can be viewed well with the graphic interface and multimedia.

Planning and preparation are essential when traveling with family pets. That’s because some animals, like some people, function better in familiar surroundings.

A few general tips apply whether you travel by car or plane. Be sure your pet is properly identified with a current tag or microchip. Grooming (bathing, combing, trimming nails) before a trip, plus having its favorite food, toys and dishes available, will make your pet more comfortable. Have both proof of rabies vaccination and a current health certificate with you when crossing state or international borders.

Pet googleplaygiftcardgenerators Travel Checklist

If you will be staying with friends along the way, be considerate. Find out in advance if the pet is welcome. The same goes for hotels, motels, parks and campgrounds. Always check whether pets are allowed or kennel facilities are available.

In addition, when traveling with a pet, there are many items to bring along, including:

鈥?Medications. Ensure your pet is in good physical health before you travel. Pick up refills of any medications your pet will need while you are away–and find out whether or not there are any concerns about the area to which you are traveling. Internal share this site and external parasite preventives are especially important to remember.

鈥?Kennel or carrier. Some places ask that you kennel your pet if you are going out and leaving him in the room. The kennel is also a safe way for your pet to travel.

鈥?Food and water. Keeping your pet on the same diet that he’s accustomed to will help to mobile strike hacks prevent digestive problems.

鈥?Stain remover/cleaning supplies. Be courteous and clean up accidents and pet hair. A good-quality lint brush or pet hair remover is always useful.

鈥?Collar and leashes. If you are traveling to a remote area, consider bringing an extra leash–just in case one of them breaks.

鈥?Comfortable bedding. Bring along whatever your pet is accustomed to and what smells like “home.”

鈥?Recent photo. If your pet is lost while you are traveling, the photo will come in handy when describing him to others. Also jot down any unique identifying marks; be specific.

Money Management, often referred to as Risk Management, is undoubtedly a vital element, it essentially divides the winners and losers, and should be of vital importance as part of any online forex trading training course. It isn’t really a sexy topic to talk about, though possibly the most indispensable idea in forex trading. And again, risk/money management is actually a philosophy that is readily realized, but realistically tough to practice on a continualbasis.
In reality, it has been proven that if you provide one hundred traders a good solid forex trading strategy, the same strategy, which has been tested to have 60% winning likelihood, yet still, out of those 100 forex traders, there will be 90% losers. That principally demonstrates that money management is a crucial component in developing a successful forex trading strategy. The truth is, a competent trader will actually select a successful strategy and WORK IT..WELL! Even if it is just a 50% trading strategy, a seasoned trader is capable of turning a 50% strategy into continuous profit. Inferior money management is what kills the vast majority of traders and most simply just don’t know the concept.
Is Money Management truly that valuable? Yes. That’s the simcity buildit hack no root answer, end of webinar… That is all you need to realize… Indeed it is. I mean it truly is that clear-cut …Yes, it is very important of course, and we will not end the webinar here because we have a great deal to cover, but it is vitally important. It is blitz brigade hacks fact, there isn’t any Holy Grail in forex trading but if there is a single issue that is as significant as the holy grail, it would be money management.
You know, while we are trading foreign currencies, we are often searching for an “edge”. This “edge” is the total justification why trading systems and strategies are developed. Because we want to cultivate an “edge” or that method that is victorious 70% profitable trades (sounds like a pretty good edge in my opinion.) The reason why we need sufficient risk management is because even though you may have a 70% profitable method, you could lose 30 out of 100 trades. So the issue is you are gonna hit a losing streak in due course. You do not know if you’re going to lose those thirty trades successively, or if you have those 30 losses spread out across the 100. Essentially, you could lose your first 30 trades, and still enjoy a 70% winning percentage by winning the rest. So you have no idea where you’re streaks are going to come from, for that reason, it is surely crucial to risk modest amounts. A quality online forex trading course will point out that if a trader risks an excessive amount of his / her trading capital and overweights his account and then hits a losing streak, a losing streak which incidentally is actually well within the boundaries of his strategy, he will encounter large drawdowns, or even worse, a Margin Call, making it nearly impossible to fight back.
Professional forex traders recognize they’ll have losing streaks, they are unavoidable, so they understand to maintain their risk percentage low and this will permit them to weather the storms. The truth is, if you’re not utilizing a money management strategy that maintains risk percentage low, you are essentially gambling. Even expert gamblers appreciate this. If you met a prosperous gambler, you’d probably observe that they make full use of money management methods. Because they are straight up gambling, which is a condition in which the house maintains the advantageous odds. Consequently experienced gamblers that are successful, do it through excellent money management. As forex traders, we’ve got one advantage, we can locate high check more probability set ups, with the odds in OUR favor, and combine that edge along with solid money management principles, we are able to have a very worthwhile career as forex traders.
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Today, more than ever, a spirit of hopelessness presses down particularly on people who don’t like themselves or feel like they can’t do anything right. Many lack a feeling of significance which is crucial to emotional, spiritual, physical and relational stability. Countless people try to meet these needs through escapism into the cyber world.
It is not unusual to be more proud of the number of friends you have on Facebook rather than the quality of friends. Because we are made in God’s likeness connecting with other real people is our most fundamental need.
Jesus said a relationship with him is the solution because it brings rest to our souls (Matthew 11:28-29). Within each person lies a huge God-shaped hole that can be filled only by Jesus. Saint Augustine wrote, “You have made us for yourself and our hearts are restless until they find their rest in you.”
French philosopher of social science, Dr. Rene Girard, developed the idea of mimetic desires. According to Dr. Girard, the mimetic desire is motivated by an inner sense that “something” is missing. His theory is that our desires never come purely from ourselves; rather, they are inspired by the desires of another. The mimetic desire describes our ravenous hunger for wholeness. It is so strong that people willingly stuff themselves with fragmented identities. Deep inside they feel “something” is missing. The culture and media machine have done a superb job of getting us all to believe “something” is missing and only “more” of what they offer will satisfy. Unconsciously we devour the bait making us a voracious consumer of false gods and images.
God created each one of us for an intimate relationship with him first, check here and then with others—parents, spouses, children, friends and church family. Without bonding to God first, and then others, we cannot be our real selves. God gave us the ability and freedom to direct our own lives. Escapism, perfectionism, fantasy relationships, searching for our identity, loneliness, the desire for intimacy—each of these can be reversed by investing and engaging in healthy, vital relationships that ultimately shape us all into strong, functional people.
Close your eyes and imagine crawling into Jesus’s lap and calling him “Daddy.” Relax and talk to him. He already knows you better than anyone else. You matter to him.
He is intimately interested in everything about black ops 3 cheats ios you. You can admit your most confidential thoughts and feelings to him. He accepts you for who you are. Feel safe because you are in the hand of an all-powerful God.
Now you have the prescription for marvel future fight cheats tool wholeness—for filling the soul-hole.
[This material, although reworked, is an excerpt from the book Torn Between Two Masters (Tate Publishing)]

How can you know if your fish has come down with a betta fish illness?

– Your betta is mostly docile and inactive

– Your betta is unresponsive to stimuli

– Your betta’s body shows signs of deterioration, discoloration, uneven skin texture, ruptured fins, or even bloating.

– Your betta isn’t interested in food.

What are some examples of betta fish illness?

– Fungal Infection – Patches of white on the body or on the head, along with discolored fins and tail. The fish may be less active than usual,eating very little, if at all.

– Tail / Fin Rot – The betta’s fins and / or tail appear to be getting shorter in length, falling apart, losing their luster, or deteriorating altogether.

– Ick – A parasite found in frozen live food. Your fish will end up with white dots all over the body head, and even the eyes. Your fish will be less active, stop eating. Due to the itchiness of the dots, your fish may dart about the share more details tank and scratch itself against rocks, plants, or anything else that can provide it with relief.

– Popeye – A bacterial infection, usually due to poor water condition, causing the fish’s eyes to bulge out, usually a symptom of internal infections.

– Dropsy – Your betta fish’s scales are raised up, giving your fish a “pine cone” look. Normally caused by bacteria transmitted through feeding your fish live worms.

Swim Bladder Disorder – Your betta’s underbelly is swollen, normally caused by overfeeding.

You emancipated your betta’s life from the pet store’s tiny cup. Now learn how to make your betta into the most comfortable, safe, and cared-for fish in the world. If you are a true betta fish lover or animal enthusiast in general, then you should know that taking care of betta fish involves a great deal more than just doing the bare minimum, which is to change its water and feed it. There is a lot more involved in properly caring for your fish, such as water quality, water temperature, the nature of the fish’s habitat in terms of volume of space, rocks, plants, lighting conditions, whether or not you wish to breed your fish, and your fish’s social interactions with other fish versus being kept in isolation. If you want to keep your fish healthy, beautiful, active, free instagram followers online energetic, and alive for as long as possible, then you have to be willing to go the extra mile in order to provide a better quality of life for your fish. And it all starts with a little bit of education.

Taking care of betta fish can truly be an extremely rewarding experience, so why not go the extra mile and learn everything that there is to know about the proper care, feeding, and nurturing of our little marine friends, the betta splendens (otherwise known as siamese fighting fish)?

Who else wants a beautiful, healthy betta fish, swimming happily in a stunning tank, without having to spend a bundle or constantly worry about your betta’s health?

It is estimated that over 395,000 hungry shark world cheats tool new businesses each month are started in the U.S. alone. For many new business owners they enter entrepreneurship with the intention of making money.
They even take the necessary steps to make it into a business, including filing all of the necessary paperwork, getting a website up and running, and even printing business cards. They attend networking and begin to market their business.
That’s where the disconnect begins. Most entrepreneurs fail to identify a target market, have no real marketing system, and lack consistency. So if you’re wondering what you’ll do each and every day to drum up business, you have a hobby, not a business.
The reality is if you treat your business head soccer cheats like a hobby, others will treat it the same way. So how do you know if you’re treating your business like a hobby?
1. You work when you feel like it. Successful businesses have business hours. It doesn’t matter if you’re investing 4hours a day or 40 hours a week, it is important for your customers or clients to know your business hours. If you keep shifting your office hours from week to week requiring them to call to schedule an appointment in the ever-shifting schedule, you’re making it too hard for them to do business with you. Instead, have defined hours of operation.
2. You have no consistency. Consistency is key to attract and keep your clients. If your marketing has no schedule, you’ll end up with up-and-down marketing – and your cash flow will also follow that up-and-down cycle. Intentionally set up key dates and times for marketing. Schedule it in your hungry shark world hack cydia calendar and block out time or hire someone to do it for you. If it is not scheduled, something else will take its place. If you have a quarterly newsletter you send to your clients to keep in touch, remember to send it without fail. Consistency creates trust and people do business with people they know, like and trust.
3. You don’t have systems. If you don’t have systems and processes to automatically bring in prospects and pre-qualify them, you have hobby. You also may end up talking to a whole lot of people who are not your ideal clients. When you do that, it does feel like you’re giving away your valuable advice for free. Business owners are always investing on the infrastructure of their business. It’s a work in progress, continuously refining it. They have a plan and intentionally take steps to attract clients. They wake up every day focused on how best to serve their customers or clients.
Think about what you do on a daily basis and decide for yourself: Do you have a hobby or are you running a business? If it feels like a hobby but you want a business, ask yourself “what needs to change?”

Wherever you go in Florida, there’s a lot to do in the ‘Sunshine State’. When it comes to relaxing on a family holiday, you can often be spoilt for choice ?but which choices will provide a fun activity for every member of the family? In Orlando, there are quite a few great ideas to pursue ?magic shows, theme parks, exhibitions, an aquarium, and much more are all just a quick trip away. Your Florida family hotels will often have information and even regular transport to the most piano tiles 2 cheats tool popular attractions. Here are a few of our favourite family attractions in Orlando.

Theme Parks

With plenty of theme parks based in Orlando, Florida family hotels are perfectly situated to choose from any number of options. With animal-based parks such as Sea World and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, every member of the family can be entertained by seeing a few of their favourite animals up close. For those who prefer a little more action in their day, theme parks such as Universal’s Islands of Adventure offer great rides for thrill-seekers of every age, which can be a real hit with the tough-to-please teenagers on your family holiday.

Disney World

Perhaps the most popular family destination in Orlando, Disney World is one of the top attractions in Florida. Family hotels will often offer travel options for a day spent at Disney locations. Disney World’s ‘Magic Kingdom’ is a particular hit with families ?there’s nothing like a visit to Cinderella’s magic castle or experiencing Mister Toad’s Wild Ride, no matter what age you are!

Arabian Nights

An indoor arena hosting over 50 magnificent horses, the Arabian Nights dinner show includes a delicious rib dinner with unlimited beer, wine, or soft drinks. It makes a nice break from eating in regular restaurants or at your Florida family hotels! While getting the younger members of the family to eat the meal might be a challenge due to their excitement, once they’ve been encouraged to tuck in, you might find the show one of the most hungry shark world cheats tool >check here engrossing you see in Orlando.

Gatorland and Funspot

A trio of attractions for those times when you family has a little too much energy that needs to be dispelled, attractions such as Gatorland and Funspot will help keep things under control for a few hours!

At Gatorland, you can get as close to the crocodiles and alligators as you could ever want, and enjoy the display as staff members ‘wrestle’, feed, and play with these incredible animals. But don’t even think about inviting one of the crocodiles to a family dinner while visiting Florida ?family hotels in Orlando aren’t quite as accommodating towards reptilian diners!

If fast cars are more your family’s style, at Funspot you’ll discover a variety of go-carts on multiple tracks, and once you’ve had your fill of high-octane racing, you can try the bumper cars, relax with an arcade game, or enjoy the view from the Ferris wheel. For younger drivers, there’s even a carnival area with other rides geared towards their level of fun.

Astrology – Getting Along – The Ram and The Scorpion
This series on AstroCompatibility will cover all of the potential matchups in the Zodiac. We will continue this series thinking about and commenting on Aries and Scorpio. Check out Christofer’s new website at: .
Aries – Scorpio
Scorpio’s romantic aspect is based in intense deep inner feelings and Aries is in most everything for the energy and fun ot it. At first glance, this does not look like a “natural”, but there are always reasons to hope. Aries is Cardinal and Fire. Scorpio is Fixed and Water. Looking at it on the surface, Aries is firey and fast, intelligent and into “movement”. Scorpio is intense, achievement-oriented and does not necessarily think movement has any particular advantage, unless there is a strong reason for it. Scorpio has Check our website a stubborn quality, somewhat like Cancer, but stubborn, not necessarily for home, but whatever Scorpio considers to be personally important. With the Scorpio, they don’t separate personal from significant and important. If they are feeling it, it is personal of course, but it is by their nature, not trivial or subjective, but rather it is “it”. They function from the base of their being.
The Aries in pursuit of the Scorpio would find a compelling and magnetic individual. Scorpio could be attracted to a youthful, high energy person. Aries does not come off as frivolous and silly, so Scorpio likes that. Both of these are “strong” in their presentations of themselves. The Scorpio and the Aries could create a smoldering fire. Compatibility is going to probably depend on individual charts. It is not impossible to imagine. It could be a “high end” Hollywood type dynamic union, but also, it could end head soccer cheats like one. No one is going to back down here. Neither fights for the fun of it, but both are good at it. If it lasted, the Scorpio would probably get its agenda, and Aries would be free enough to pursue its interests.
Positive Postulate:
Since Aries and Scorpio are dynamic persons and neither are “lazy”, they could share much in values and pursuits. These two, headed in the same direction, Check our website could make quite a partnership. Positively speaking, these signs could be a public and dynamic pair. Regardless of how the genders work, it seems a pairing that could be serious. Scorpio would have to vote yes on most all issues, and Aries would have to spend their time figuring out what they considered worth making an issue. The Scorpio could enjoy the Aries personality. The Aries would have to really love the Scorpio, in order to overlook the stubborn insistences of what appear to be less important things. And this would be on a day to day basis.
Romance Recommendation:
Aries and Scorpio would have a very high romance factor, as long as Scorpio stayed a bit light-hearted and Aries enjoyed “intense romance”. Don’t take any fights into the boudoir and things could go great. Any current battle brought into the bedroom would probably play itself out there.
Conflict Quotient:
Aries and Scorpio can both defend themselves, and also, take an offensive position. Conflict would almost be prophecied with these two. Discussions could be long or short, depending on how angry Scorpio got. Neither of these signs will be intimidated, and neither would give in, just to give in. Both could be high-minded enough to make concessions, but they would have to see strong reasons for doing so. This is not a death pronouncement, It just means they will have to work things out. The unexpressed, the unaired, the hidden could spell doom. The discussions could be noisy, but healthful.
Peace Parlay:
Life in the end is repetitive and mundane, and so is Romance itself. This factor asks the question: “Can we be bored together over the long term?” Scorpio can take time for inner contemplation, and quiet periods could be helpful in an overall sense. Aries might take some convincing that a little peace and quiet could be good for them. A Biblical phrase might fit here: “Peace, peace and there is no peace”. A good attempt at peace and boredom might be the “spiritual correction” that each needs, but one that could slip away.
Keep Up The Interest Graph:
Scorpio and Aries are a good “keep up the interest” signs, but Aries could tire of Scorpion “gravity”. The pull of Aries trying to always accommodate Scorpio could fatigue Aries, and Scorpio always watching what Aries is doing next, could be distracting from Scorpio’s main purposes. The basic material is there for potential long term high interest, it’s just difficult to know how the two will act after a high-mileage relationship.
Seven Year Itchiness:
There are some signs that by their nature are more stable in their love interests and family concerns, as time goes on. Others are not. Scorpio could use the 7 year itch as motivation to make a fundamental change. Aries could use the 7 year itch to “finally get light-hearted again”. If they truly are committed to each other, the seriousness of Scorpion values could save them. As I have said in other analyses, Aries could stumble into a new relationship, not knowing that its subconscious might be overly engaged in the prospect of infidelity.
ASTROCOMPATIBILITY POSSIBILITY RATING: 50% Positive Long Term – 70% Short Term. This, as a young relationship, might have tons of appeal. Time is not necessarily the friend here. Scorpio can put on weight, if frustrated, but Aries could find Scorpio more appealing as time goes on, if Scorpio lightened up. The newer this relationship is, the more that there is a possibility that it will work. But once they get going, complications of Scorpion intensity and Arian ego could make for a difficult future.
Check out Christofer’s new website at: .

It’s amazing how water is so versatile in nature, with everything from electricity to games using it as a source to cater to something it would be of good use for. Water games are the funnest kind of activities to indulge oneself in, since there are so many things out there to use that are made specially for those who find water as their fun outlet. I remember as kids, my brother and I would fill balloons with water, carefully knotting the tip and then like evil duos heading out onto the porch targeting victims down below in a watery battle. We’ll get more into how this innovative way of using water can be the most fun way to spend one’s free time, especially when more than one person is involved.

Water games have been around for ages and there have been those who’ve perfected the art of using water as a source of fun over the years. Let’s find out which games are making it big among kids and even grownups.

Water guns were always seen as a safe way for kids to indulge in warlike games, where they’d scamper about and run for cover while the opposing team tried to gun them down (with water in this case) using powerful water spray guns for their purpose. Have kids separate into two groups, with the backyard or lawn area or even a park as their battle zone. Have them pick out hiding spots, and come up with strategies on how to get to the enemy. It’s cute how kids plan on how to take down the opposing team in such a serious manner.

Canvas Paint Craze

Designate one section of the house to messypaint fun by laying down sheets on the floor and putting up a huge canvas on another side of love this website the wall. You can use the garage or basement for this, if you have either of the two at your disposal. You could always use the porch for this as an alternative, to have kids use the space to get downright messy. Mix color with water, and have kids splash paint on the canvas, using their hands to then paint out whatever comes to mind. After testing the sock by pouring water into it, he noticed that it seeped through the material, not being able to hold it within itself. In frustration, he threw down this water filled sock share this site watching it as it burst upon contact with the table’s surface. That struck another idea in his mind, and thus ‘water grenades’ were then invented.

He went on to produce the world’s first water balloons, becoming a nationwide craze among youngsters, thus turning into a huge success in the global market as time lapsed. The best balloons to use are those that are much tougher in quality like those made of rubber, which won’t burst easily when being filled. Kids can have a go at each other by filling these and targeting the opposing team in a water balloon toss. The last team standing wins.

Water Slides

Nothing beats a splashy dive into the pool when there’s a slide to give you enough momentum to create a good eruption of water. You can get all kinds of inflatable water slides that can be affixed or placed to one side of the pool, where kids can go crazy and have their way with it for say, an outdoor pool party? You can always incorporate the use of pool toys for kids to let them spend all afternoon in the pool while being a part of a myriad of interactive activities with friends.

Rain Dance

Plan a day to go for a rain dance to a place that has a bunch of overhead sprinklers with tanks that are either filled with colored water or ordinary cold water. It’s fun to get drenched with others in castle clash cheats the same room while dancing to the spin offs from a designated music source, like from a deejay. Alot of places have these fun indoor activities planned. You could also learn how to do the ‘sprinkler dance’ while you’re at it.

These games can be played during any time of the summer being one of those relaxing things to do, especially when taking the heat off during this season. It is good to have kids play outdoors instead of being glued to the TV. It will keep them active and constantly on their toes, and mold their social natures when playing with friends. Experiment with other forms of using water as your medium, and you’ll see that these water games can never tire kids out.

For centuries, various forms of Tantra have been practiced in many eastern cultures as a means to reach enlightenment. Tantra is an ancient yoga that is perhaps best known in the West for its celebratory inclusion of sexual energy as central to the practice. This powerful meditation can be experienced solo or with a partner. It involves being consciously aware of all your love here heightened senses, especially through breath and movement. Tantra is about sensing sexual/creative/life force energy; building it and moving it throughout the body for healing and pleasure.
The word Tantra means “to manifest, to expand, and to weave.” In this context, sex is thought to expand consciousness and to weave together the polarities of male (represented by the Hindu god, Shiva), and female (embodied by the Hindu goddess, Shakti), into a harmonious whole. It is intended to achieve a state where opposites cease to exist, where yin and yang are in perfect balance and duality is eclipsed. Couples need not adopt the Tantric pantheon in order to benefit from the sexual wisdom of this ancient art. They can simply enjoy the process of co-creating intense energy to bring about harmony, as well as increase sexual pleasure and a deeper level of intimacy within their relationship.
On a spiritual level this condition is considered a state of bliss, of ecstasy, of unity. On a worldly plane, couples seek a perfect balance where their differences are complementary. They aim for an ecstatic combination—the experience of bliss, love and unity—in their relationship. Psychologically, Tantra is a healing art, as sexual energy is one of our most powerful energies for creating better health. By consciously directing sexual energy, we can tap into a pure source of youth and vitality. Through consistent tantric practice, you will discover energy you never knew you had – a creative energy that will refresh your mind, replenish your stamina, and restore your enthusiasm.
Tantra suggests the interconnection or the ‘interwovenness’ of things and actions – an interdependence of all that exists is the continuity within the interaction of cause and effect. The essence of Tantra is invariably of a mystic nature, i.e., trying to establish an inner relationship of things: the parallelism of microcosm and macrocosm, mind and universe, ritual and reality, the world of matter and the world of spirit. In Tantra, the human body is seen as a microcosm of the universe; all that exists in the universe, exists also super mario run hack tool in the human body. Through the intimate connection of body and universe, we can understand how sex and orgasm can be seen as a cosmic and divine experience.
At a time when the stresses, fears and distractions of daily life threaten so many relationships, the age-old practice of Tantra shows us how to open our hearts, our emotions and our sexuality. Sex may be used to heighten energy and conscious connection to the universe which can bring healing, peace, wholeness, power, bliss, and growth, as well as a profound intimate connection with your partner. Tantric sexual practices teach us to prolong the act of making love and to utilize potent orgasmic energies more effectively.
Tantric sex promotes the experiences of orgasm without ejaculation. This does not mean that a man is never to ejaculate, but that he can control his climax. The essence is to catch a wave of energy and to surf the edge without going over – riding the wave of ecstasy as long as possible. Although they often happen at the same time, men are capable of having orgasms without ejaculating. By holding back, men can experience a series of “mini-orgasms.” Ejaculatory control is what makes it possible for Tantric lovers to capture and extend the magical energy of orgasm.
In the Tantric model, the sexual experience is seen as a dance with no beginning or end. There is no goal, only the present moment of exquisite union. For this reason, lovemaking is meditative, expressive and intimate. Tantra teaches lovers how to extend the peak of their sexual ecstasy so that women and mobile strike cheats tool men can experience waves of orgasms during an extended lovemaking session. With love, trust and mutual respect, the magic of Tantra is available to couples of all ages and levels of sexual experience.
“Tantra embraces the natural energies of the bodies and connects you with cosmic, universal energy. It is becoming one with the other, and the very cosmos itself.” –Swami Nostradamus Virato
*In part 2 of this article, we will discuss more in depth about how to practice Tantra as an art of conscious loving.